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Oxford Pakistan Programme has Announced Scholarship Awards for 2023-24


The Oxford Pakistan Programme (OPP) has announced its graduate scholarship awards for 2023-24. In its second year of scholarship awards, the OPP is supporting 11 exceptional scholars from a broad spectrum of academic domains, with subjects including Mathematics, Education, Development Studies, Climate Change, Music, Chemical Biology, Clinical Epidemiology and Medical Statistics and Computer Science. Through the combined financial support of the OPP and its partners (detailed below), the OPP’s scholars will receive in excess of £450,000 (over Rs.16 crore) of scholarship funding this year. The OPP is now the largest privately funded scholarship programme for Pakistani origin students in the world.

Details about the OPP Scholarships and the profile of the awardees can be found at the OPP’s website: Those who intend to apply for the OPP scholarships in the future it will be worthwhile for them to look at these details.

Credit: Oxford Pakistan Programme (OPP)

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