Our Aim

taleeminfo.pk aims to be the ‘gateway to educational information’ for students of Schools, Colleges, and Universities. Very broadly, we aim to provide the information and services that facilitate students in making educational and career choices.

Our Services: An Overview

Exploring University Websites Links to the websites of all universities in Pakistan are available here. Users narrow down their choice of universities using filters – a click on the name of the university takes them to the home page of the concerned university. The page also offers information on whether the University has a hostel for students.

Exploring University Programs Links to web pages of all academic programs offered in the universities are available. Users narrow down using filters. A click on the program of choice offered by a specific university takes users to the web page where details about the program are posted. Relevant links also direct the users to web pages on the concerned university’s website where users may view information about the fee payable and view the profile (if posted by the university) of the faculty likely to teach in the program.

We try to match the following:

  • 1. Tutor and Tutee Tutors can upload their CVs on taleeminfo.pk (this portal). Anyone can look up at CVs of tutors available on our portal, free of charge. Would-be tutees or their guardians can contact the tutors available on their own and settle the terms of engagement.
  • 2. Visiting faculty - Universities Those aspiring to teach on a visiting basis in universities can upload their CVs. Universities in need of visiting faculty can contact them.
  • 3. Counselor – Counselee Those wishing to counsel students regarding what field of study to choose or offer career counseling can upload their CVs. Students wishing to seek counseling can contact the counselors available. The counselor and the counselee settle the terms of engagement among themselves.

Opinion polls

  • We conduct online opinion polls periodically on important education-related issues faced by the students, teachers, management of the universities, and society in general. The results are published.


  • We aim to publish periodically, analytical reports, primarily based on surveys conducted through this portal. The thematic focus would be education-related issues including situation analysis of the job market – aggregate and field-specific.

Model Lectures of University Faculty

  • We allow the university teacher an opportunity to upload a video of their model/sample lecture. Thus, the faculty can publicize their teaching skills (not evident from the CV), thereby increasing their market worth.

University, College & School Alumni

  • We allow the academic institution to post information about their selected alumni – thus telling our users, alumni of which institution manages where to – the information is provided by the institution concerned.

taleem tasveer – A You Tube Channel

  • 1. Podcasts We aim to conduct podcasts on educational issues in education in Pakistan. These podcasts are available on ‘taleem tasveer’ embedded in this portal.
  • 2. University News We would offer the university students to announce/disseminate their key innovations or other achievements during studies through video messages or written messages.
  • 3. We afford the students an opportunity We afford the students an opportunity to present policy-oriented and other important findings of their research/thesis using short video messages/podcasts.
  • 4. Mock Interviews We will upload videos of mock job interviews. This will help the students prepare for their interviews.