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Outrage over poor A-Level results, Universities that admit students on provisional results face a difficult situation


The 45,000 students who received their A-level results on 11th August are deeply concerned about the fewer As and Bs awarded this time by the Cambridge International Examinations (CIA) . The reason seems to be that certain papers were cancelled due to the protests that erupted in the country in the aftermath of the events of 9th May. Reportedly the CIE has announced the results of the cancelled papers based on predicted results using certain procedures.

The unusual results have caused problems for certain universities that admit students based on provisional results before the A-level result is announced. Fewer As and Bs now mean that some students admitted provisionally do not now meet the admission criteria and the universities concerned have to either cancel their admission or revise the criteria as a one-time special case.

The Institute of Business Administration has revised the criteria. The revised criteria for admission into BS at the IBA are available on the Institute’s website. The Institute has also asked the students who are marginally short of meeting the revised criteria to improve their grades in the next six months, before the next semester i.e. Soring 2024 starts.

Source: Dawn 


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