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Government Launches 39 e-Rozgaar Centers Nationwide


IT Minister Dr. Umar Saif announced the initiation of a project to establish 10,000 e-Rozgaar centers across Pakistan, with Rs. 1.0 billion approved for public/private partnerships. These centers aim to provide interest-free loans, addressing challenges faced by 1.5 million freelancers. Dr. Saif emphasized the lack of facilities and outlined plans to accommodate one million freelancers, potentially boosting annual IT exports by $10 billion. Currently, 40 e-Rozgaar centers are in progress, expected to be operational by February 19, 2024. Notable achievements include a breakthrough in the digital payment gateway for freelancers, a 5G spectrum availability commitment, and plans for 200,000 kilometers of additional optical fiber cable. The minister highlighted key initiatives, such as the Pakistan Startup Fund, "Smartphones for All," and a research and development fund for mobile phone manufacturing.

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