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Exemplary Achievement: UK-Based Pakistani Prodigy Sets an Impressive New Record with 34 GCSEs


Mahnoor Cheema, a 16-year-old Pakistani-British student, astoundingly passed 34 subjects at the GCSE level, setting a UK and EU record. Starting with 17 A* grades in Year 10, she recently added 17 more subjects, reaching a remarkable milestone. With an IQ of 161, she's in the top 1% globally. Achieving Grade 8 distinction in ABRSM Music Theory and Practical, she's also pursuing a music diploma. Mahnoor's passion for medicine led her to excel in UCAT and BMAT tests. Despite her dedication, she enjoys hobbies and values family time. Her parents, both highly educated, support her unwaveringly. Her accomplishments break a long-standing European record.
Credit: Geo News:

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