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Becoming a Medical Doctor: Your Ultimate 2024 Guide to Admission, Fees, and Career Paths in Pakistan's Medical Landscape


Becoming a Medical Doctor: Your Ultimate 2024 Guide to Admission, Fees, and Career Paths in Pakistan's Medical Landscape


It is well known that pursuing an MBBS degree is in very high demand in Pakistan. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the road map of seeking admission to a government or private medical college in Pakistan. 

Eligibility Criteria

Matriculation with Biology

The first crucial step in this journey is selecting biology as your major during matriculation. Aspiring students must not only excel in biology but also aim for excellence in other science subjects such as chemistry and physics. This trio of sciences forms the bedrock of eligibility for MBBS programs, ensuring a solid foundation for the medical journey ahead.

Intermediate in Pre-Medical

You will have to opt for ‘pre-medical’ in the FSc. or A-level to be eligible to enter a medical college. Aspiring doctors should focus on subjects like biology, chemistry, and physics, striving for the grades that will unlock the doors to prestigious medical colleges. The competition is fierce.

MBBS Admission Process

Admission to medical colleges in Pakistan is to an extent regulated by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). All candidates seeking admission to any medical college in Pakistan must appear in the MDCAT and secure the minimum passing marks prescribed by the PMDC. Individual medical colleges, especially, private ones, might have their additional requirements over and above the minimum pass percentage in the MDCAT. Passing the MDCAT only makes a candidate eligible to apply for admission to a medical college in Pakistan – given the number of seats available, the medical colleges have their merit lists, often based on the marks secured in the MDCAT plus the additional requirements that might have.

The number of applicants for admission to the government medical colleges is significantly greater than the admission to the private medical colleges for multiple reasons including, lower fees.  Therefore, in general, government medical colleges' merit is much higher than private medical colleges.

Fee Structure

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for MBBS programs vary across Pakistan. On average, government medical colleges offer a more affordable option, with fees ranging from PKR 50,000 to 100,000 per annum. Private institutions are pricier, with annual fees averaging over a million.

Additional Expenses

Beyond tuition fees, aspiring doctors must consider additional expenses. Examination fees, hostel charges, and miscellaneous costs. According to recent surveys, students typically spend an additional 20% to 30% of their tuition fees on these ancillary expenses.

Career Opportunities after MBBS

Your career in the medical profession just starts with an MBBS degree however to excel in this profession typically one has to earn a postgraduate degree. The post-graduation in the medical profession is quite demanding, in terms of on-the-job training as well as studies. Typically, the candidates earn post-graduation after several attempts, however earning a postgraduate qualification in a specialized medical field opens the doors to senior positions in the hospitals and the academia for the doctors.

Choosing the Right Medical College

The choice of the right medical college can shape your entire medical journey. Reputation, faculty expertise, and facilities should be weighed carefully.


Becoming a doctor is quite demanding – it demands studying for long hours for an extended duration. Moreover earning an MBBS degree is not enough to make a mark in the profession. To move up the career ladder medical doctors must specialize by way of post-graduate degrees in some sub-field of the profession – this again requires devoting extended time to studies and to the on-the-job-training. Finally, not all the aspirants can make it to the government medical colleges with limited seats, and the MBBS from a private medical college is very expensive. Those seeking to make a career in the medical profession should be ready to face all this. 

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